Vermont Professional Licensing / Administrative Law

The Law Offices of Valsangiacomo, Detora & McQuesten represent individuals, businesses and licensed professionals in administrative proceedings throughout the State of Vermont including, but not limited to, doctors, medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, childcare workers, pharmacists, appraisers, realtors, private investigators, and others who are involved in disciplinary or criminal actions that can jeopardize their professional licenses.

We also represent a wide range of individuals and businesses in administrative actions before the Human Services Board, Department for Children and Families (DCF), Adult Protective Services (APS), Secretary of State Office of Professional Regulation (OPR), Fish & Wildlife Board, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Liquor Control, Vermont Agency of Transportation Hearings, Municipal Select Boards, School Boards, Town Zoning Boards, Planning Commissions, and Employment and Labor related matters.

When your rights and your employment are at risk, it is important to protect those rights and your future by speaking with an experienced lawyer at Valsangiacomo, Detora & McQuesten, P.C. We have represented individuals and professionals through the entire administrative process, from preliminary hearings to formal hearings and appeals. We have also assisted clients with matters before legislative bodies in Vermont including Town Select Boards, City Councils and the Vermont State Legislature.

Attorneys at Valsangiacomo, Detora & McQuesten are prepared to assist you with your administrative law needs, please contact us for additional information.