Vermont DUI / DWI Attorney

from time to time you run the risk of being charged with DUI or DWI. Far too often clients tell us they had a beverage at a backyard barbecue or with friends at dinner, they felt “fine to drive” and they got into their car for the short ride home.

They didn’t get into an auto accident, nothing went wrong, no one was injured, but they were pulled over just the same. They took and failed to pass a field sobriety test and are now at risk of losing their license or quite possibly more.

All it takes is one beverage and a small misfortune - such as a malfunctioning directional, a cracked headlight or an expired registration, to send you down a path you didn’t anticipate. You don’t need to be in an accident to be pulled over and charged with DUI or DWI. Regardless of why you were stopped, the results can be equally impactful to your driving record.

No matter what the circumstance, the best defense against a drunk driving charge in Vermont starts with a criminal defense attorney who can anticipate the prosecutor’s legal tactics. You can rely on our experience and skill to help protect your rights in all aspects surrounding your drunk driving arrest.